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"Mother Goodness Green Tara" is a work of art dedicated to one of the most revered goddesses in Buddhism, Green Tara. She embodies compassion, protection, and salvation, always ready to come to the aid of those in need.

At the center of the painting is Green Tara herself, surrounded by a radiant aura that symbolizes her divine energy and light. Her pose expresses readiness to act, while her serene face radiates infinite compassion and love.

The background is filled with symbolic elements of nature, such as lotus flowers and green leaves, emphasizing her connection to life force and renewal. The vibrant shades of green used in the artwork create a sense of freshness and energy, inviting the viewer to immerse themselves in a state of tranquility and spiritual harmony.

This painting is not only visually appealing but also carries a profound spiritual message, reminding us of the importance of compassion and protection in our world.

Custom painting “Mother Goddess Green Tara”

  • All the sales are final.

  • Texture acrilyc painting on canvas. 24"X48"

    Original painting, one of a kind

    Please contact with any questions

    Each painting is signed by the artist and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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