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The painting "Mirror," depicting a man embracing his reflection, symbolizes deep self-acceptance and self-love. It portrays an act of self-awareness and inner harmony, where the embrace signifies the acceptance of one's strengths and weaknesses. The painting emphasizes the importance of integrating different aspects of one's personality, creating a cohesive and harmonious image. It also highlights the necessity of caring for one's mental and emotional well-being, reminding us of the importance of being kind and understanding towards ourselves. Overall, the painting conveys a powerful message about the inner world of a person and its significance in achieving personal well-being.

“Mirror ”

SKU: 0030
  • All sales are final. 

  • Texture acrilyc paintining on canvas. 48"X48"

    Original painting, one of a kind

    Please contact with any questions

    Each painting is signed by the artist and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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