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The painting "Life," depicting a heart made up of geometric triangles in vibrant shades, symbolizes the complex and multifaceted nature of human emotions. Each triangle, each color represents a specific emotion or experience we go through in life. Bright shades reflect joy, love, hope, and happiness, while dark colors symbolize sadness, fear, disappointment, and pain. Together, these elements demonstrate that our heart is a repository of diverse emotional experiences that shape our inner state and perception of the world. The painting emphasizes the idea that every experience, whether joyful or sorrowful, is an integral part of our lives and makes us who we are.


SKU: 0034
  • All sales are final. 

  • Texture acrilyc paining on canvas. 60"X48"



    Original painting, one of a kind



    Please contact with any questions



    Each painting is signed by the artist and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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