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"Baby elephant &Mom" - this touching painting warmly depicts the bond between a mother and her little baby elephant. Only the legs of the mother elephant are visible, while the baby snuggles close to them, feeling completely trusting and protected. The expression on his face is happy, filled with joy and love. The painting is rendered in a tranquil, gray palette, enhancing the atmosphere of serenity and safety. Motherly love is one of the greatest values in anyone's life. It gives us not only warmth and care but also self-assurance, support in difficult times, and endless tenderness. Let each of us always remember how important it is to be close to those who love us unconditionally, like our mother.

Baby elephant & mom

SKU: 0035
Color: Green
  • Texture acrilyc paint on canvas. 48"X36"

    Original painting, one of a kind

    Please contact with any questions

    Each painting is signed by the artist and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

  • All sales are final.

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